About Us

You're here because you're thinking about the house that you’ve always wanted,. At times you second guess your wants and start thinking about what you really need. Wynsum Homes builds houses with the real quality and value. We can’t deliver a house with a 10 car garage and 3 acres of land within the city for a buck, however when we do our very best work building our luxury Model Homes, you will get the very best quality with real value for your dollar.

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David Demerino


When it comes to the luxury custom home you've been wanting, we at Wynsum do our very best to anticipate all of the potential issues, from site work, to framing, masonry, custom cabinetry and finish details, all the while working with you to keep your project on track and within budget.

We transform the  collaboration of ideas and designs from true industry professionals and develop our designs which always include upgraded finishes in all our Homes. Each one of the homes we build turns out to have a great deal of appeal and acceptance. The people decide why our homes are special. As for the houses we build,  every one of our homes are built as though they are a model home being presented to the public.

Our buyers have not hesitated to buy our homes as soon as we get close to finishing them and that's the best endorsement we can get. 

It's something we're proud of and each of our homebuyers are proud of their new home too !

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Jake Kelly

Site manager

Being part of the Wynsum team and having the responsibility of delivering your new house on time and with the quality and attention to detail that Wynsum Homes has designed to build for you, fills me with that pride your ownership brings to you.  You can count on me to meet our companies standards and to exceed your expectations. When you move into one of our homes your pride is my total satisfaction.

Sandra Snook

Financial Administrator

In Senior Management roles in the new homes and construction industry, I aim at bringing the highest level of insight and analysis to our projects for our customers. Our efficiencies translate into a “Better buy for Value” for our customers

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Danielle Demerino

Real Estate and Acquisition

As a University of Windsor graduate with two degrees, 10 years of real estate experience exceling in a Downtown Toronto Realtor and with 22 plus years of learned experience at the dinner table, I am uniquely qualified and thrilled and proud to be part of the innovative forward thinking team at Wynsum Homes.